Sunday, July 29, 2012

Music time! downloadable goodies

Spiritto salutes everypony!
I have been playing around with the Midi Keyboard, and since there was no MIDI version of "Come Little Children" available, I made my own.

Of course, my musical talent is "primary school" level, but I managed to get a simple music , a MIDI and a wav file.

If you are a musical brony, you might want to play with this a little bit (if you do, send it,please!) we would love to hear it.

Music sheet

MIDI file, Come Little Children

Please, note that the WAV and MIDI files are entirely different (in instruments and notes). And they are only meant as a sample for people to play with them.

 WAV File, Come Little Children

Original Lyrics: Edgar Alan Poe
Melody: James Corner,  (Hocus Pocus OST)

MIDI arrangement: Spiritto

Song used in the video: Arrangement by Kate Covington

That's it for today! have fun, I sure did. 


  1. I am fairly certain Edgar Alan Poe did not write the lyrics to this song and nothing in his bibliography really matches it. Hocus Pocus was originally scored by James Horner and then John Debney. The former is the one who wrote the song. Not Poe.

    1. There is a lot of debate around that. But it is a little bit too long for me to write " a song supposedly written by Edgar Alan Poe but not fully prooved or whatsoever, probably written by James Horner himself".

      You see? way too long. :)

  2. I think the MIDI set has the wrong notes. I might just try to turn this song into sheet music one day during the school year.

    1. It probably has. I tried my best to make a good accompaignment, but I am no musician at all. If you think that you can give it a better shot, you can grab the music sheet and make corrections. I will be happy to remake it if I receive some direction.

    2. Oh, by the way, if you want to write a music sheet, I can recommend you a couple of softwares to do so. "Melody Assistant" and "Harmony Assistant" are useful for that. But if you prefer something more solid, "Fruity Loops" will allow you to write MIDI directy, and where is MIDI, there is music sheet (Synthesya).

  3. For you ;-)

    1. That is really awesome! and kinda funny, because I am used to picture LUna when I hear the song. XD

      I have heard about the open source that videogame company released. I suppose you used it for the sync?


  4. i have now a question, the tone of your MIDI file and this version are lower compared to the Katethegreate19's version, you will want me to keep your tone? or transpose it to fits the Katethegreate19's version or i can make it as i like?

  5. Wiimote-Hero-III: i just finished this hope you like it